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Horse Riding in Central London

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To make a horse ride booking please complete and submit the form below. Your contact details are required for if we have to query something with you, or make alternative suggestions according to your request. Credit card details submitted on this form are protected by Security Metrics.

sm ccsafe check2When riding with us

  • the weight limit for riders is 13 stones / 180 lb / 80 kg
  • the minimum age limit at the stables is 4 years
  • our experience levels are Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Experienced, based on English Riding only. If your previous experience is of Western Riding please state this when booking
  • we provide the following types of rides:
    • Group rides (group up to 8 riders)
    • Semi-Private rides (individual paired with one other rider and a shared escort or a private group of 2 or more)
    • Private rides (1 to 1 individual rider with a mounted escort or instructor)
  • all rides are accompanied.

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Booking Information

  • We provide riding hats, boots and wet weather gear free of charge
  • you must inform us of any illness, previous injury or disability that may affect your riding ability
  • although we take all reasonable precautions for your safety, you must accept that riding horses is a risk sport
  • weekends get booked up early and you usually need to book at least a week in advance to get the time you want
  • all rides must be pre-paid and we do not refund booked rides. You can re-schedule with 7 days clear notice. Please Contact Us for further details.

Horse Riding in Hyde Park
is a wonderful experience
and we hope you enjoy it.

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